Hello! I'm Paul Price.

I make stuff, break stuff, and protect stuff from getting hacked.

Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

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Latest projects

  • Passlo
    Helps businesses protect against the number one cause of data breaches.
  • Vocol
    A new take on the digital dating world.
  • shhgit
    Find GitHub secrets in real time.
  • Bucket Stream
    Find interesting Amazon S3 Buckets by watching certificate transparency logs.
  • cracke-dit
    Easier Active Directory password audits!
  • The Endorser
    OSINT tool to pluck out LinkedIn relationships via endorsements.

In the media

  • 5 Apr '16 Motherboard (VICE) - Bug in Domino's Pizza App Allowed Hackers to Get Free Pizza for Life
  • 6 Jan '15 The Guardian, BBC - Personal details of all MoonPig customers exposed by security bug